19 December 2006


Shaun Wilson, video still from 1975 (2006), DV as single channel DVD, sound, colour, 120 mins.

Curated by Juliana Enberg
Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, 14.03.2006 - 14.05.2006
Melbourne, Australia
Shaun Wilson's New06 podcast interview

Helen Johnson
Laresa Kosloff
Natasha Johns-Messenger
Darren Sylvester
Giles Ryder
Shaun Wilson

ACCA's annual showcase of new commissions by younger Australian artists, this year's NEW06 will be a sensory experience, one of palaces, pop, mazes and mirrors, childhood memories and merchandise. It will feature installations, sculptures, sound works, photography, video and painting, showcasing the diversity and verve of Australia's visual arts talent (ACCA website).