22 June 2012

New Short Film Coming

New short film 'Reversal' in 2D and 3D (they're actually separate versions of each other) now in post. p.s: I'm using Rotobrush and Optical Flares in stereo L and R mode (S3D), instant workflow headache but looks great. The flare below is 100% real sun.

New Screenings

Shaun Wilson, Uber Memoria XXI #03 (2012), HD video (2.40.1), colour, sound, 1:00 min, Composer: Andrew Rostas

Uber Memoria XXI #01, 03 and #05 
File Media Art, FILE 2012
Electronic Language International Festival
16.07.12 - 19.08.12
Ruth Cardoso Cultural Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Uber Memoria XXI #01
Miden Video Art Festival
Amfeias Square, Miden, Greece

Uber Memoria XXI #01
VIII Media Art Monographic Show
9th International Imagen Festival
Manizales, Columbia