11 December 2016

In The Garden of Death and Delight (movie)

 The Last Man in Vegas movie is well into post and I have a new movie called In The Garden of Death and Delight reflecting the uncertainty of our times: Brexit, the 2016 US election, Syria, climate change, nuclear war, fundamentalism, and economic downturns to name a few. Here's a sneak peak.

16 July 2016

Timespeed and hello world

Hello world. I've been in the last throws of working on my feature film The Last Man in Vegas this past year which has been taking up most of my time and have a few new projects of note. The first is Timespeed (2016), filmed in 8K and screened in 4K dome format filmed at the National Gallery of Victoria, St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne Central, RMIT, and down the coast. This is the prototype for a larger work that might take a while to complete to eventually screen at the Planetarium.

The other three projects are the completion of the next 51 Painting movie called Indigo Rising which I'd like to release before the end of the year, some academic papers on cinematography and zombies (separate) which have taken two years to write, published in two new exciting film/digital/philosophy journals debuting at the end of next month and at the end of October, and finally a great new book (I'm the editor) on slow durational films, all very exciting.

Shaun Wilson (2016), Timespeed (prototype), video, audio, dur: (2:11 mins)