12 June 2009

New Book

'Save as.. Digital Memories'
Edited by Joanne Garde-Hansen, Andrew Hoskins & Anna Reading

Palgrave McMillan (UK)
May 2009

isbn: 97802305422525, 224 pages, hardback

I have a chapter in the newly released book 'Save as... Digital Memories' which is an edited volume of digital philosophy.(p.s, Im almost finished writing all three scripts for my films so will be back posting very soon).

2 February 2009

Uber Nocturnus Acts 2-4 screens in Berlin

Shaun Wilson
, Uber Nocturnus Act 3 (2008), video still, HD video as single channel DVD, dur:4 mins,

Uber Nocturnus Acts 2
Scala Theatre
Directors Lounge, Berlin
Feb 5-15, 2009

I'm screening in Berlin this month with Uber Nocturnus Acts 2, 3 and 4. With many thanks to
Maria, the lovely vampire who stars in No. 3.

10 January 2009

I'm on a break writing the new versions of the Goth film scripts and will be backing posting in Feb. My next screening is at the Directors Lounge, Berlin throughout Feb featuring Uber Nocturnus Acts 2-4. Thanks for visiting my blog and see you in a few weeks. - S