27 April 2011

100 new Optical Flares

I've made a total of 100 (series 1) new free lens flares for use in the Video Copilot Optical Flares program which are incrementally being uploaded onto their site over the next week. The next 100 (series 2) will be crafted especially for use in the new VFX stock videos I'm making for Tammy's business which you'll see a lot of in a few months. Am having so much fun with this I might just make 1000 and call myself Mr Michael Bay!

15 April 2011

The Big Three

Here are the first examples of the study series for Uber memoria XX in 2D, anaglyphic 3D and Stereo 3D. These pick up from the Uber Memoria Proto series back in 2007 with a new body of work that I had originally sketched out and planned but never got around to filming. These were shot on the Fugi W3 and scaled to 2.35 in post. I'm setting up a gallery on Youtube to release all works together for free in all 3 formats. Now this forces me to go out and buy a pair of red/cyan shades!

Left channel view 2D version
Left and Right Channel Anaglyphic format view (Red/Cyan)
Left and Right Channel 3D Stereo format view

6 April 2011

VFX Background Plates

I'm making background plates for a VFX 3D stereo project (the projected screens are 4:3). This shot is comprised of a foreground scene, sky replacement, Photoshoped trees, added DOF masks and some colour grading. I shot the time lapsed clouds on a 550D over my back fence. Have learnt a lot about the VFX process in a stereo space but the hard thing is woking in 8 channels (360 degree view). More images to come, its just taking a long time to complete...