5 January 2018

The Last Post

Well... after 12 years of meandering around the world of Shaun, this blog is officially decommissioned as of 5 January 2018. The new site is located at www.shaunwilsonresearch.net  I'll keep this site live as long as I can for archive purposes. A little history about how this site came to be... 

In 2006, my girlfriend was pregnant, we were living in a noisy apartment in McKinnon next to the station, and in a mad rush to get my life organised (sic) - has it ever been? - I needed to host online pictures, at the time a new concept, of eight video stills that I didn't really understand at the time but was to later evolve into the most significant art series of my career Uber Memoria and The 51 Paintings Suite. So with the help of my then RMIT students Krystal, Michele and George - and remembering I had just started teaching at RMIT the year before as a 33 year old artist with holes in his docs and stars in the eyes - I found a free website called Blogger.com which at the time was revolutionary and also an early social media site called Twitter which I joined not long after (I was among the first adopters of Twitter in the early months of its release but those days for me have long gone).

From there I uploaded a few posts to Blogger and slowly got the hang of using an online platform with its 2mb image upload limit and an ability to post text, pictures and hyper link text without coding - wow.

As the years rolled on so too did my output of works and soon, I was a home owner, a tax payer, a parent, a husband, and slowly but surely, a film director. Twelve years later, that girlfriend is my wife Tammy, that pregnancy is my nearly 11 year old daughter Izzy not to mention my nearly 9 year old daughter Sophia who have joined three rabbits and a resurrecting mouse (or versions of) called Treasure in my upside-down-and-round-the-bend world now living down the coast in a world I could never have imagined would or could exist. My Mum's still here and busy as ever. I still don't sleep very much. I need glasses and have started to doubt my once world famous double-denim fashion status of yesteryear. 

So it's time to move on. All of those things I dreamt about, tried to achieve but couldn't, wanted to try but didn't have the time, wanted to buy but didn't have the money, they're all here now. 2006-2018 were my establishing years after the shock of the PhD ended and the coming to terms with my father's death. This blog documented everything I did artistically and academically. Its probably not important to anyone else, after all, does anyone actually read my posts? I'd be surprised if that was a yes but the blog and its duration are important to me. The family, the films, the books, the university, the changes, the art, the new beginnings, its all here now. Time to transform my world again, off to my next adventure in life that I'm sure you'll hear about one day, like tears in rain...