8 August 2012

Pozible campaign next week.

The DVD distribution campaign for 51 Paintings starts next week on Pozible. I need all the help I can get with this one so check out the Facebook Page and twitter feeds for updates. You see everything on my blog as live updates and perhaps a lot of Tam's baby belly as well :)

1 July 2012

Vampire Novel is finished

I finished writing my vampire novel this week and its going to be a shocker, trust me when I say it makes 'Silence of the Lambs' look like an episode of 'In the Night Garden'. Available as paperback and ebook soon. Be warned...

22 June 2012

New Short Film Coming

New short film 'Reversal' in 2D and 3D (they're actually separate versions of each other) now in post. p.s: I'm using Rotobrush and Optical Flares in stereo L and R mode (S3D), instant workflow headache but looks great. The flare below is 100% real sun.

New Screenings

Shaun Wilson, Uber Memoria XXI #03 (2012), HD video (2.40.1), colour, sound, 1:00 min, Composer: Andrew Rostas

Uber Memoria XXI #01, 03 and #05 
File Media Art, FILE 2012
Electronic Language International Festival
16.07.12 - 19.08.12
Ruth Cardoso Cultural Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Uber Memoria XXI #01
Miden Video Art Festival
Amfeias Square, Miden, Greece

Uber Memoria XXI #01
VIII Media Art Monographic Show
9th International Imagen Festival
Manizales, Columbia

26 May 2012

New Feature Film on its Way...

After 6 years, my first feature film '51 Paintings' is now in post - working on the sound and cleaning up the VFX. Release will be on DVD this year when I can raise the money for the burn, OFLC certificate, and the EAN. Here's a quick look...

19 April 2012

Gothic Memoria Remastered (2008-12)

Have been remastering the Gothic Memoria 1-30 works and they now look great in HD. Am uploading as we speak so expect to see the new works very soon. Rolling out to YT and Vimeo progressively but will flick the live switch once they are all available as a set so you can see everything at once.

7 February 2012

Uber Memoria Remastered (2007-12)

updating the blog very slowly, taking weeks to redo content. Should be a good archive in a few months, Here's some redone Uber, see more on my Vimeo/YT pages.

1 February 2012

New Book: Culture and New Media

I'm in a new book titled 'Culture and New Media: 5 Questions by Lev Manovich' by Vito Campanelli and Danilo Capasso. It contains over 60 authors and is available in Italian only (not sure if an English version is at print yet). ISBN:978-88-95869-06-3. CC BY-NC-ND 2.5.

26 January 2012

Uber Memoria XXI (2012)

New Uber Memoria XXI (2012), first of 100 works (x50 S3D, x50 2D) I'll post more as they are finished. This one is screening at the Director's Lounge, Berlin in two weeks and at the Academy Gallery, Launceston from Feb onwards.