21 June 2007

Two New Feature Length Films

Two new companion feature length video art films of 'Gothic memoria' have just been announced: 'Epic memoria' and 'Locatus memoria' . These will sit as a trilogy of video art that re-addresses themes of Gothic Romanticism through the guise of video art.

Filming for all three works, and with their attached 'Uber memoria' variants (series 8 -20), will start on July 11th onwards.

More details will follow soon...

10 June 2007

New work in 1st Athens Biennial 2007

Athenian Memory Palace
Artwave Radio
1st Athens Biennial 2007, Greece
Aired June 25-July 1, 2007

My new sound art piece Athenian Memory Palace will be aired in late June on Artwave Radio, 1st Athens Biennial 2007, Greece. The work reconfigures family sound recordings made in and around Athens during the 1950s into a mnemonic spatial framework.

5 June 2007

update on Gothic memoria feature film

The Gothic memoria script is now complete and work on the film's production has started. All 21 scenes are approximately 5 minutes each and a casting call will be made over the next two weeks. Funding for the project has been successful so the initial location shots will be filmed shortly and the miniatures unit/cgi/greenscreen shots will begin in August.

More info and soon to come production stills will be released later in the month so stay tuned...