27 December 2007

New Screening in Berlin

Shaun Wilson, Uber Nocturnus iii (2007), HDV as single channel projection, DVD, colour, sound, 9 mins

After Cinema
Directors Lounge 2008
Berlin, Germany

Brie Trenerry
Tammy Honey
John A Douglas
Brendan Lee
Sam Keene
Shaun Wilson

17 December 2007

New Screening: FLOAT

Shaun Wilson, Uber Nocturnus (2007), HDV as single channel projection, colour, sound, 50 mins.

Float: Watercraft in Art
Curated by Meryl Ryan & Diana Robson
Lake MacQuarie City Art Gallery
Booragul, NSW, Australia
14.12.07 - 03.02.08

Sally Smart
Allan Chawner
Tim Silver
Yvonne Koolmatrie
Jane Lender
Kendal Murray
John Turier
Shaun Wilson

New screenings of Uber Nocturnus, the first of several 50 min works in the curated exhibition Float which probes themes of the nautical in contemporary art. One of the most picturesque settings for a museum gallery in Australia, worth the visit...

27 November 2007

New Gothic Memoria Filming

Production stills from the recent Gothic Memoria film shoots in Melbourne throughout November, 2007.

17 October 2007

New Work in OPTICA 07

Still from Uber memoria 9 (short version) (2007), HDV as single channel DVD, colour, sound, 10 mins

Uber memoria 9 (short version)
Optica 07: Gijon International Festival of Video Art, Spain
16.11.07 - 18.11.07

The first release of Uber Memoria 9 (short version) will be screening at Optica 07 in Gijon, Spain in mid November along with other Australian artists Emma Sterling & Dan Monceaux. More than 200 artists are screening throughout the city so it should be a great festival.

10 October 2007

New Article on Video as Cinema

Have a read of Brendan Lee's article 'More Video Art Please' in the new edition of Artlink Vol 27.3 featuring a review of my overall work. The print version includes two colour plates of Uber memoria pics.

10 September 2007

25 July 2007

Gothic Memoria: the first shoot...

Here are some early pics from Gothic Memoria, the first film in the first trilogy...

21 June 2007

Two New Feature Length Films

Two new companion feature length video art films of 'Gothic memoria' have just been announced: 'Epic memoria' and 'Locatus memoria' . These will sit as a trilogy of video art that re-addresses themes of Gothic Romanticism through the guise of video art.

Filming for all three works, and with their attached 'Uber memoria' variants (series 8 -20), will start on July 11th onwards.

More details will follow soon...

10 June 2007

New work in 1st Athens Biennial 2007

Athenian Memory Palace
Artwave Radio
1st Athens Biennial 2007, Greece
Aired June 25-July 1, 2007

My new sound art piece Athenian Memory Palace will be aired in late June on Artwave Radio, 1st Athens Biennial 2007, Greece. The work reconfigures family sound recordings made in and around Athens during the 1950s into a mnemonic spatial framework.

5 June 2007

update on Gothic memoria feature film

The Gothic memoria script is now complete and work on the film's production has started. All 21 scenes are approximately 5 minutes each and a casting call will be made over the next two weeks. Funding for the project has been successful so the initial location shots will be filmed shortly and the miniatures unit/cgi/greenscreen shots will begin in August.

More info and soon to come production stills will be released later in the month so stay tuned...

28 May 2007

Final Production for extended Uber memoria series

The last Uber memoria series (9-21) will be filmed in late June/early July as a conclusion to the seven trilogy installation. This mammoth undertaking of x130 works is due to be filmed in various locations throughout Cairns, Melbourne and Hobart. Release of the complete works on DVD is due on October 18th, 2007; exactly one year since the first Uber film shoot in Germany.

Funding permitting, a back-to-back shoot will also happen at the same time - thank you Peter Jackson - with the yet to be named feature-length film using a selection of locations appearing in the final Uber works. The advantages of such are using the same crew, sets and actors amassed for the seven cam production (Uber series is shot on HDV, the new film shot on DVCProHD). More updates will be available soon.

23 May 2007

Update on L.A exhibition

curated by Larissa Hjorth, Kate Shaw & Roger Dickes
Glendale College Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA: 01.09.07 - 15.10.07
LAXART, Los Angeles, USA: 01.09.07
- 15.10.07

New dates and venues have been released for the U-Turn exhibition in September this year. I will be screening works from the Uber series along with 17 other artists including Stephen Haley, Laresa Kosloff, Nadine Christensen, Kate Shaw, Larissa Hjorth, Natasha-Johns Messenger, Paul Quinn, Iam Haig and Martine Corompt.

29 April 2007

New Screening in Russia

In -Transition
curated by Helene Black
National Centre of Contemporary Art,
Yekaterinberg: 27.10.08 - 16.11.08
National Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow: 24.11.08 - 21.12.08

I will be screening a selection of the Uber memoria works in the forthcoming curated exhibition In Transition at two locations of the National Centre for Contemporary Art in Russia during late 2008. This also accompanies a 3-day international conference (exploring themes raised by the exhibition) to be staged at
the Ural State Gorky University in Yekaterinberg.

Updates on the exhibition and conference will be made available soon.

17 April 2007

New Screening in Melbourne

Voyeur One

69 Smith Street, Melbourne: 16.04.07 - 06.05.07
Zurich, Switzerland 25.07.07
Helsinki, Finland: 01.08.07
Amsterdam, Holland: 07.07
Weblink: http://www.voyeurcollective.com/index.html

I am participating in the group exhibition/project by the Voyeur International Video Collective opening Tuesday 6:00pm-8:00pm April 17th at 69 Smith Street Gallery in Melbourne. A total of 28 artists are screening their works who are based in Australia and elsewhere. My work features the first public screening of the Uber Memoria (short version) to be later displayed as a larger and more substantial edition.

The exhibition will tour to various venues in Zurich, Helsinki and Amsterdam later this year.

Image: copyright Voyeur Video Art Collective, 2007.

17 March 2007

Uber memoria paintings

Shaun Wilson, Pool, oil on canvas, 25cm x 38cm

Some new paintings underway... Thanks to Doug for writing them up on the wiki this weekend.

12 March 2007

Uber memoria series 4-7

Here are some new images from the Uber memoria series 4-7 filmed in Melbourne during February 2007. Once the first Uber DVD was released there semed to be a significant interest in the initial series from a few curator friends of mine who are placing these works in various shows from next year onwards who then asked for more. As I originally planned for a total of x20 Uber series but stopped because of production delays I've gone back to create forty new works (x10 each series) over the last month. The second Uber DVD should be ready for sale around July/August funding permitting.

Series 8-12 are due for filming around late April/May featuring the expanded Friedrich painting re-appropriations.

Also, as some of you may have heard me talk recently about the 'mystery' feature-length film inspired from the Uber works (in pre-production), I can't say too much now except that it will be filmed in Pro HD and should be ready in time for Christmas, so stoping asking me!

With many thanks to Phil, Tam, Krystal, Tess and others who participated in filming and phone banter encouragement from Mr Lee.

Shaun Wilson, video still from Uber memoria series 4 (2007), HDV as multi channel DVD, colour, sound, 25 mins.

Shaun Wilson, video still from Uber memoria series 5 (2007), HDV as multi channel DVD, colour, sound, 25 mins.

Shaun Wilson, video still from Uber memoria series 6 (2007), HDV as multi channel DVD, colour, sound, 25 mins.

Shaun Wilson, video still from Uber memoria series 4 (2007), HDV as multi channel DVD, colour, sound, 25 mins.

15 January 2007

Uber memoria proto

Shaun Wilson, video still from Uber memoria proto (2007), HDV as multi channel DVD, colour, sound, 25 mins.

Shaun Wilson, video still from Uber memoria proto (2007), HDV as multi channel DVD, colour, sound, 25 mins.

*Shaun Wilson, video still from Uber memoria proto (2007), HDV as multi channel DVD, colour, sound, 25 mins.

Shaun Wilson, video still from Uber memoria proto (2007), HDV as multi channel DVD, colour, sound, 25 mins.

The new bridging works between the Uber 1 & 2 and Gothic memoria series is now called Uber memoria proto re-addressing German Romantic seascape paintings in context to memory and place. Filming occured yesturday in coastal areas of Melbourne (Black Rock, Brighton Beach foreshore and surrounding area) where the scuttled 19th century battleship 'Cerberus' is located. Also note the bushfire smoke coming from Eastern Victoria and over Melbourne on the starred picture credit. More stills will be posted as editing continues...

9 January 2007

Final cut for Uber memoria 2

Shaun Wilson, video still from Uber memoria 2 (2006), HDV as multi channel DVD, colour, sound, 25 mins.

Shaun Wilson, video still from Uber memoria 2 (2006), HDV as multi channel DVD, colour, sound, 25 mins.

The last edit for Uber memoria 2 is underway. These first release video stills are from the London film shoot in December 2006. With many thanks to Jenna and Ian (featured).

This version (1 of 3) will be screened in Australian Gothic at the Directors Lounge, Berlin in Feb. 2007.

8 January 2007

Sneak Look at Gothic Memoria

Shaun Wilson, Gothic memoria [1]: 2% Berlin (2006-07), 3GP as single channel DVD, black and white, sound, 52 mins.

This is the first released still from the initial Gothic memoria series 1 works titled 2% Berlin, recently filmed in November 2006 at the Berlin Wall and the 'Topography of Terror' site. The film speed is slowed down to 2%, hence the title. The audio score features a composed piano quartet (performed by me) taken from the larger Memoria Sonic series (or "M-Sonic" for short) written especially for the Gothic memoria videoworks (approx. 1000).

The M-Sonic tracks were recorded in December 2006 and January 2007 and will be released as a double CD in November 2007.

Screening of 2% Berlin and related works will be in late 2007/early 2008.

3 January 2007

New curated exhibition in LA (2007)

Shaun Wilson, video still from Uber memoria II (2006), HDV as multi-channel projection, colour, sound, 25 mins.

I am participating in a group exhibition curated by Larissa Hjorth and Kate Shaw to be staged at the Glendale Art Gallery in Los Angeles in late 2007.

Works from Uber Memoria I & II have been selected.

More details available soon.

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