28 May 2007

Final Production for extended Uber memoria series

The last Uber memoria series (9-21) will be filmed in late June/early July as a conclusion to the seven trilogy installation. This mammoth undertaking of x130 works is due to be filmed in various locations throughout Cairns, Melbourne and Hobart. Release of the complete works on DVD is due on October 18th, 2007; exactly one year since the first Uber film shoot in Germany.

Funding permitting, a back-to-back shoot will also happen at the same time - thank you Peter Jackson - with the yet to be named feature-length film using a selection of locations appearing in the final Uber works. The advantages of such are using the same crew, sets and actors amassed for the seven cam production (Uber series is shot on HDV, the new film shot on DVCProHD). More updates will be available soon.