19 December 2006


Shaun Wilson, Mr Wigglie survey's his lawn, acrylic paint, plastic, paper, glue, metal, found object, copper.
Collection: Deakin University Art Collection.

Curated by Martina Copley
Platform II: 10.2003
Icon Museum of Art: 18.02.2004 - 27.03.2004
Melbourne, Australia

In this artwork, curator Martina Copley sent me an old medallion box with the intent of converting it into an art object. I chose to address its sculptural form as a type diorama where the flipped outwards case held a direct visual relationship with the main hinged container.

The image itself was based on my next-door neighbour's (
who was a leading Tasmanian politician at the time) garden gazing abilities when I lived in Sandy Bay, Hobart (Tasmania) . He would often spend time looking over his front yard with a sense of commandment, as if a Navy admiral which at times appeared quite comical. In response Mr Wigglie came to be in 1/76th scale.

The exhibition was staged in 2003 at Platform, Melbourne and then in 2004 at the Icon Museum of Art, Deakin University. Mr Wigglie now lives in the his new home at the Deakin University Art Collection.