19 December 2006

Memory, Place and Identity

Curated by Alexandra Brouch
12.03.2005 - 16.04.2005
HERA Gallery
Rhode Island, USA

Luke Buffenmyer
Susan E. Evans
Adam Eckstrom
Penelope Manzella
Olivia McCullogh
Shaun Wilson

The works by the seven artists in this exhibition explore the complex relationships between memory, identity and place. Place holds memory and defines who we are. Memory is malleable, part invention, part interpretation. We each have memories that relate to or are invoked by a certain place. These stories are our own and help make us who we are. We also share memories of a common social history that connects us to community. The connection we feel to place, changes to that place, or its loss, affect us in profound ways.

Both photography and painting have been used to depict idealized, utopian, or exotic places -- fictionalized images that reflect or influence the collective imagination of the times. The artists in this exhibition examine these cultural notions of place by deconstructing and re-contextualizing traditional photographic and painterly modes of portraying the landscape, family, and community.
This program is sponsored in part by The Rhode Island State Council On The Arts, The Friends of Hera, and The Hera Educational Foundation. (from the exhibition website).

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