25 December 2008

Santa sightings over Melbourne

Reports of a flying sleigh and reindeers have been circulating throughout Melbourne from around 12:35am this morning. NORAD has been tracking the flight path of this UFO and can be found on the link below for further updates. The photograph above shows what looks like the navigation lights of the sleigh and an enlarged section reveals what clearly resembles a Santa-like vehicle.
Other sightings in Frankston and Lower Dandenong have also described multiple home invasions of short, overweight aliens carrying large red sacks displaying jedi mind tricks. The intruders are rumoured to enter homes via chimneys but these are yet to be confirmed. If anyone encounters these intruders please avoid eye contact, if threatened or spotted these terrorists may respond with gibberish chants such as 'ho, ho, ho' or commence singing songs about pregnant teenagers illegally crossing the Egpytian boarder and occupying mangers to deliver their out-of-wedlock babies. Several attempts to bait traps of milk and cookies have failed.
In other developments, nine dignitaries in the UK have been sited leaping, and the little known Bavarian King, Wenceslas, has disappeared in heavy snow overnight with his page. The last known text message from the king referred to a "rude wind" which local police are using in conjunction with footprints found in the local area with heat found in the very sod. Meanwhile, in the middle east, a bright light in the sky has been reported seen over several countries dubbed by three local leaders  as a 'star of wonder'.
If you have further sightings in your neighborhood please email me on shaun.wilson (at) rmit.edu.au.
Updates will follow throughout the night.  -S.