9 July 2006

New Memory Video to be Produced in Germany

Filmic Memorials iv
Production in October 2006
Schwabisch Hall, Germany

Co-inciding with the forthcoming 1st International Conference on Memory and Memorialisation at the School of Design, University of Applied Sciences at Schwabisch Hall (Germany) I will be filming the forth installment of the ongoing 'Filmic Memorials' video art series. Unlike the previous works that were predominately reconfigurations of vintage 8mm film, the new works will be filmed on HDV and 16mm using a live action performative context.

The first resultant video will be exhibited in the future exhibition Made in Australia curated by Malcom Bywaters and John Derrick at the Academy Gallery, Launceston and the Pratt Institute, New York in 2007 while the second video will be screened at the Tasmanian Design Centre in September 2007.

The third video will be screened at Perth and Christchurch in 2008.

Production stills will be available at this blog in November.