20 February 2006

ebook: Post-Pod: Media Beyond Mp3.

Throughout 2006 I will publish extracts from my ebook Post-Pod: Media after Mp3. You can read a teaser in the project and forthcoming Italian publication Lev Manovich: 5 questions about digital culture [http://www.thenetobserver.net/levmanovich/].

Post-Pod disects what will replace Mp3 technologies from existing media distributions by exploring how nano technology and what I term the 'bio-net' (biological internet) will interconnect and impact on our ways of communicating, terms of identity malfunction, privacy reconditioning and place making. The arguments raised throughout disperse sentiments that Mp3 technologies are simply for recreation and delve into how their distant future cousins will become far more sinistair and interventionalist - nanoterrorism, DNA corruption, computer consciousness and biological/technological mergers.

A full copy of the ebook will be available for sale later this year for $29.95 AUD as a first edition of 20,000 copies.