Selected Solo Exhibitions and Screenings

2018 'Substance for Esoteric Fish', Noir Darkroom, Melbourne
2016 'Uber Memoria XIX Part VI', curated by MARS Gallery, Melbourne Central Art Loop, Melbourne

2016 'Uber Memoria XIX Part VII', FILE 15, Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2015 'Uber Memoria XIX Part IX', curated by Brie Trenerry, MARS Gallery, Melbourne
2015 'The Tailor of Autumn', FILE 15, Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2014  '51 Paintings', ZKA Research Centre for the Arts, Berlin.
2014  '51 Paintings', Parer Place, Brisbane.
2013  'Uber Memoria XXI', Academy Gallery, Launceston.
2013  'Uber Memoria XXII', Z-Bar, Berlin, Germany.
2011  ‘A Far Cry From Nowhere’, Meinblu House, Berlin, Germany.
2010  ‘Uber Memoria X’, Meinblu House, Berlin, Germany. 
2009 ‘Uber Nocturnus Acts II-IV’, Scala Theatre, Berlin, Germany. 
2008  ‘Uber Nocturnus Act I’, Scala Theatre, Berlin, Germany. 
2005  ‘The Memory Palace’, Academy Gallery, University of Tasmania, Launceston.
2005  ‘Filmic Memorials II’, Memory Grid, Australian Centre of the Moving Image, Melbourne.
2005  ‘Filmic Memorials’, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth.
2005  ‘Footballism’, PITSpace, Melbourne.
2005  ‘Ride-In Movies’, Melbourne International Arts Festival’, Federation Square.
2004 ‘Modern Topographies’, 24hr Art: NT Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin. 
2004  ‘The Empire of Small’, Academy Gallery, University of Tasmania, Launceston.
2004  ‘Menmonica’, curated by L. Bisset, Small Black Box, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
2003 'Nextworlds’, Switchback Gallery, Monash University, Churchill.
2003  ‘Small Worlds’, curated by S. Kelly, CAST, Hobart.
2002 ‘Nextworlds’, Canberra Contemporary Art Space Cube, Canberra.
2002  ‘Nextworlds 2’, The George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University, Melbourne.
2002  ‘Hidden Worlds’, Entrepot Gallery, Centre for the Arts, Hobart.
2001 ‘Eurobliss’, Indigo Studios, Melbourne.
2000 ‘Popscapes’, The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne.
1999 ‘Outside Looking In’, Access Gallery, The Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne.
1999  ‘Whispers and Memories’, Indigo Studios, Melbourne.
1999 ‘Popscaping’, Stop 22, Melbourne.
1998  ‘Self Imposed Dignity’, Transport Shelters, Flinders Way Arcade, Melbourne. 
1997 ‘Recent Drawings’, Indigo Studios, Melbourne.
1997 ‘Toy Soldiers, Bugs and Other Things That Suck’ Indigo Studios, Melbourne.
1996 ‘Friendly Fire’, Kirkcaldy Davies Gallery, Melbourne. 
1996  ‘Untitled’, McKillop Street Gallery, Melbourne.
1995 ‘Three Colours Nuke’, Grand Central Gallery, Melbourne. 
1995 ‘Recent Works’, Vertigo, Melbourne. 
1994 ‘Shaun Wilson: Recent Works’, Sambuca Bar, Melbourne. 
1993 ‘Fatcat’s Revenge’, Sambuca Bar, Melbourne. 

Selected Two-Person and Collaborative Exhibitions

2001 ‘Tall Stories’, with T. Honey, Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne.
1997 ‘Inaugural Exhibition’, with M. Adams, Indigo Studios, Melbourne. 
1995 ‘Vandemonian’, with F. Halse, Little Adam Gallery, Melbourne.

Selected Group Exhibitions, Broadcast and Screenings

2017 '21st Century Nonsense Machine...', curated by S. Wilson, Artefacts From 21st Century Humans', Noir Darkroom, Melbourne2017 'Uber Memoria XIX Part XI', curated by S. Wilson, Sublime/Internal/Subliminal, Neme Arts Centre, Cyprus
2017 'Gothic Memorial suite', curated by K. Boland, Five Walls Project, Melbourne
2017 'The Museum of Lost Public Notices', coordinated by D. Dellafiora, P. Edwards, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
2016 'Uber Memoria XXI', Navigating the Internal Landscape: an artistic interpretation of disease, Academy Gallery, Launceston
2016 'Uber Memoria XIX Part VIII', BAC Gallery, Colombia
2016 'Timespeed', Design/Play, curated by S.Greuter, Design Hub Gallery, Melbourne
2015 'Uber Memoria XIX Part IX', Experimental Superstars, Novi Sad, Serbia

2015 'Uber Memoria XIX Part III', Bideodromo International Experimental Film and Video Festival, Bilbao , Spain
2015 'Uber Memoria XIX Part IV, Fringe Film, Artshouse, 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne
2015 'Uber Memoria XIX Part IV', Festival Interacional De La Imagen, Colombia
2014 'Uber Memoria XIX: Part I', 'House and Home', curated by M. Bywaters, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne.
2014  'Uber Memoria XIX: Part I', Academy Gallery, Launceston.
2014  'Uber Memoria XIX: Part I', 'Make Believe its Nothing, curated by B. Trenerry, K.Boland, MARS Gallery, Melbourne.
2014  'Uber Memoria XIX: Part I', Beacons Art Music Festival, Yorkshire, UK.
2014  'Uber Memoria XIX: Part I', X Media Art Monographic Show, XIII International Festival of the Image, Manizales, Columbia.
2014  'Uber Memoria XIX: Part II', Bideodromo Experimental Film and Video Festival, Bilbao, Spain.
2014  'Uber Memoria XIX: Part II', Hamilton Music and Film Festival, Ontario, Canada.
2014  'Uber Memoria XIX: Part II', Sony Pavilion, IBC 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2014  'Uber Memoria XIX: Part II', Venice International Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival, Venice, Italy.
2014  'Uber Memoria XIX: Part II', Laura Haber Gallery, Beunos Aries, Argentina.
2014  'Uber Memoria XIX: Part II', Sustainable Empires', Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, Italy
2014  'Uber Memoria XIX: Part II', BiCI, Wollemi National Park, Australia
2013  'Now you see it... now you don't', Misen Video Art Festival in Chios, Calliope Art Space, Chios, Greece.
2013  'XII International Image Festival', Manizales, Columbia.
2012 ‘Hits and Memories’, curated by M. Bywaters, Academy Gallery, Launceston.
2012 ‘Uber Memoria XXI #01’, 'Placeness', Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin, Germany.
2012  ‘Uber Memoria XXI #01’, Miden Video Art Festival, Miden, Greece.
2012  ‘Uber Memoria XXI #01/03/04, Electronic Language International Festival, Ruth Cardoso Cultural Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2012   ‘Uber Memoria XXI #01’, VIII Media Art Monographic Show, 9th International Imagen Festival, Manizales, Columbia.
2011 ‘Boom, Boom, Knowledge, Knowledge’, curated by P. Edwards, ARS Upstairs, Melbourne.
2011 ‘Footnote’, curated by M. Bywaters, Academy Gallery, Launceston.
2009 ‘Gothic Memoria 1-30’, curated by Souvenirs From Earth, IMM Cologne, Germany. 
2009 ‘Gothic Memoria 1-30B’, curated by Souvenirs From Earth, FNAC Digitale, Paris, France.
2009 ‘Gothic Memoria 1-30’, SFE, Freebox 129, cable TV (ongoing). 
2009 'Mildura Palimpest', Wentworth Prison, Mildura, Victoria.
2009 ‘Uber Memoria 1-30’, PAM, University of Georgia Art Galleries, Athens, Georgia, USA.
2008 ‘Uber Memoria 1-30’, PAM, Scope Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland.
2008 ‘Gothic Memoria 1-30’, The Cologne Art Fair XXI, Cologne, Germany. 
2008 ‘Gothic Memoria 1-30’, CO POP, Cologne, Germany.
2008 ‘Transcentric’, curated by S. Ball & I. Barberis, Lethaby Gallery, London, UK. 
2008 ‘In-Transition’, curated by H. Black, Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russian Federation.
2008 ‘In-Transition’, curated by H. Black, National Centre of Contemporary Art, Kekateringburg, Russian Federation.
2008 ‘Australian Gothic’, curated by S. Wilson, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth.
2008 ‘Float’, curated by M. Gates & D. Hobson, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery, Boolaroo, NSW.
2008 ‘Other Cinema’, Scala Theatre, Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany.
2008 ‘Uber Memoria 1-30’, PAM, Utsikten Art Center, Norway; Charlotte and Phillip Hanes Art Gallery,  Winston-Salem, USA.
2008  PAM, SCOPE Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland.
2007 ‘Uber Memoria Series 3’, Mov-In Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
2007 ‘Videolab’, curated by O. Quintela , Portugal. 
2007 ‘Athens Video Art Festival 2008’, Athens, Greece. 
2007 ‘The Mirror Stage’, curated by H. Black, Lanitis Foundation, Limosol, Cyprus. 
2007 ‘Pixel International’, curated by D. Quigley, Academy Gallery, Launceston.
2007 ‘Neo Goth: Back in Black’, curated by A. Kubler, UQ Art Museum, Brisbane. 
2007 ‘A Very Cinematic Effect’, curated by B. Lee, LA NAU, University of Valencia, Spain. 
2007 ‘Optica07’, Cervantes Institute, Paris, France. 
2007 ‘Artwave Radio’, Athens Biennial, Athens, Greece.  
2007 ‘Artwave Radio’, 1st Athens Biennial, Athens, Greece. 
2007 ‘Optica07: International Video Art Festival’, Barcelona, Spain. 
2007 ‘Revelation’ curated by L. Marvell, Spectrum Project Space, Perth. 
2007 ‘Voyeur One’, 69 Smith Street, Melbourne. 
2007 ‘Australian Gothic’, curated by S. Wilson, Project Space/Spare Room, Melbourne. 
2007 ‘U-Turn’, curated by L. Hjorth & K. Shaw, Glendale Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA. 
2007 ‘Float’, curated by M. Gates & D  Hobson, Lake MacQuarie City Art Gallery, Boolaroo, NSW.
2006  The Basement ARI, Friskas, Finland. 
2006  ‘NEW06’, curated by J. Enberg, Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne. 
2006  ‘Boundless’, curated by J. Christensen, Stavanger Kunstforening Stavanger, Norway. 
2006  ‘Art Media Tech 06’, Presidency Government of the Canary Islands, Tenerife.
2006  ‘Art Media Tech 06’, Museum of Contemporary Art Fenosa Union (MACUF), Spain.
2006  ‘Art Media Tech 06’, Basque Museum Artium, Victoria; Da2 Museum, Salamanca, Spain.
2006  ‘Art Media Tech 06’, Párraga Centre, Murcia, Spain.
2006  ‘Art Media Tech 06’, Bilbao Arte, Bilbao, Spain.
2006  ‘Art Media Tech 06’, Asia House, Barcelona, Spain.
2006  ‘Art Media Tech 06’, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain.
2006  ‘Art Media Tech 06’, National Museum Centre of Art Reina Sofía, Spain.
2006  ‘1st International Conference on Film and Memorialisation’, Schwaebisch Hall, Germany. 
2006  ‘1st International Video Art Festival Valencia’, Spain. 
2006  ‘International Festival of Video Art Don Benito’, Spain. 
2006  ‘Buzz’, curated by W. Hudson, Academy Gallery University of Tasmania, Launceston. 
2006  ‘Boundless’, curated by J. Christensen, touring Norway: Stenersenmuseet, Oslo; Bodø Kunstforening, Bodø; Sogn og 
           Fjordane Kunstmuseum-Eikaasgalleriet, Jølster; Trondarnes Distriktsmuseum Harstad,  Eidsberg Kommune, Eidsberg; 
           Kirkenes, Grenselandmuseet, Kulturkontoret, Norway.
2005  ‘Memory, Identity and Place’, curated by A. Bouch, Hera Gallery, Rhode Island, USA.
2005  ‘People Doing Strange Things with Electricity Too’, curated by K. Seekings, Centre on Contemporary Art, Seattle, USA, 
           Comfortstand Records. 
2005  ‘Australia-Where?’, Electrofringe, Princess Theatre, Newcastle. 
2005  ‘New Media Arts Festival (MAF05), Bed SuperClub, Bangkok, Thailand.
2004 ‘Off the Wall’, Ian Potter Gallery, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery,  Launceston. 
2004  ‘An Architecture of Hope’, curated by M. Copley, Gallery 101, Melbourne. 
2004  ‘Recent Acquisitions’, Icon Museum of Art, Deakin University, Melbourne. 
2004  ‘Compendium’, curated by M. Copley, Icon Museum of Art, Deakin University, Melbourne.
2004  ‘Boogy, Jive, and Bop’, curated by M. Bywaters, Plimsol Gallery, Hobart. 
2004  ‘White Line Fever’, curated by M. Bywaters, Academy Gallery, Launceston. 
2004  ‘Dare to Look’, coordinated by V. McGrath, Tasmanian Living Artists Week, Launceston.
2003  ‘Little Things Count’, Centre on Contemporary Art (COCA), Seattle, USA.
2003  ‘Research 2’, coordinated by V McGrath, Academy Gallery, University of Tasmania.
2003  ‘Compendium’, curated by M. Copley, Platform, Melbourne.
2003  ‘Boogy, Jive, and Bop, curated by M. Bywaters, Academy Gallery, Launceston, 
           Devonport Gallery and Arts Centre, Devonport, North West Centre, Burnie. 
2003  ‘A4 Art show 2003 Westspace, Melbourne. 
2003  ‘Global House Project 1’, curated by B. Beukelman & M, McMurray, Monaghan Design, Seattle, USA.
2002 ‘Miniatures Show’, Entrepot Gallery, Centre for the Arts, Hobart. 
2002 ‘Squeeze’, Fine Arts Gallery, University of Tasmania, Hobart.
2002 ‘Relief’, Entrepot Gallery, Centre for the Arts, Hobart. 
2002 ‘Transcribe’, curated by A. King, Entrepot Gallery, Centre for the Arts, Hobart. 
2002  ‘Celebrating the Exquisite Corpse’, curated by A. Bell, Ararat Art Gallery, Victoria.
2001 ‘Staff Exhibition’, Gallery 369, Swinburne TAFE, Wantirna Campus, Melbourne. 
2001 ‘Work: Cut Paste Burn Paste’, curated by M. Bywaters, The Faculty Gallery, Melbourne. 
2001  ‘Gallery Artists Show’, The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne.
2001 ‘Group Show’, NG Art, Sydney. 
2001 ‘Celebrating the Exquisite Corpse’, by A. Bell, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne.
2000  ‘@ Global City’, The Public Office, Melbourne. 
2000  ‘Summer Salon Show’, Helen Gory Gallerie, Melbourne.
2000  ‘The Official Artists Olympic Games 2000’, Indigo Studios, Melbourne.
2000  ‘New Painting from Melbourne’, The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne. 
2000  ‘D.I.Y’, curated By Malcom Bywaters, The Faculty Gallery, Melbourne.
2000  ‘Memory’, Switchback Gallery, Monash University, Gippsland Campus, Victoria. 
2000  ‘Life’, The Public Office, Transport Shelters, Melbourne.
2000  ‘Celebrating the Exquisite Corpse’, curated by A. Bell, Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria.
2000  ‘Different Views’, curated by T Honey, The Universal, Melbourne.
2000  ‘Modern Masters’, Box Hill Community Arts Centre, Melbourne.
2000  ‘Staff Exhibition’, Student Gallery, Swinburne TAFE, Wantirna Campus, Melbourne.
1999 ‘D.I.Y’, curated by M. Bywaters, Switchback Gallery, Churchill, Victoria.
1999 ‘Bigotscapes’, Bulle Galleries, Melbourne 
1999 ‘Momenta 99’, Emerging Artists Festival, Geelong, Victoria. 
1998 ‘The First Slice’, Chichios, Melbourne. 
1997 ‘Artist on Line’, The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne. 
1997 ‘Metal as Anything’, The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne. 
1997 ‘Review’, Kirkcaldy Davies Gallery, Melbourne. 
1997 ‘Eggasipation’, Albert Park Library, Melbourne. 
1997 ‘9 x 5’, Indigo Studios / Gallery, Melbourne.
1996 ‘Shamocracy’, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne. 
1996 ‘The Post Card Show’, Linden Gallery, Melbourne. 
1995  ‘Arial Art’, coordinated by Andrew Sibley, rooftop installations, Albert Park, Melbourne.
1995  ‘World in a Matchbox Show’, curated by M. McCormack, Grand Central Gallery, Melbourne. 
1995  ‘Oberwyn Panels’, Albert Park, Melbourne.
1995 ‘Artline 1995’, curated by M. Bywaters, Foy and Gibson Gallery, Melbourne. 
1995 ‘Monash Graduate Show’, Monash University, Caulfield Campus, Melbourne. 
1995 ‘C.D exhibition’, D Block, Monash University, Caulfield Campus, Melbourne. 
1994 ‘Graduate Exhibition’, RMIT University, Bundoora Campus, Melbourne. 
1994 ‘Monash Kids Benefit Exhibition’, The Highway Gallery, Melbourne.
1992 ‘ISM2’, Brunswick Mechanics Institute, Melbourne.
1992 ‘ISM’, curated by S. Wilson, Clayton Theatre, Melbourne.